radio silence over…

Call it by it’s Name…

Okay, now I’m going to get political.

We all saw what happened in France a few days ago. It again has brought up the subject of terrorism, whether it be foreign or homegrown.

My problem is that there are some people, namely those on the left, that refuse to call a spade a spade. These are Muslim Extremists. Not Catholic, not Jewish, Not Buddhist, etc.

Yes we all know. Not not all Muslims want to kill and Islam is a religion of peace that is distorted by these murderers. The left and moderate Muslims love to shove this message down your throat.

But where is the left and these so called moderate Muslims when these acts of terror occur?

You don’t see Catholics fire bombing Synagogues. And when we’ve had our problems, such as the sex scandal, it was dealt with, but not through violence. And it’s true, sometimes swastikas are painted on Jewish houses or places of worship. But all this is never or hardly ever ended in bloodshed unless radical extremist Muslims are involved.

My point is if you can’t call it by it’s name, you have no chance of defeating it. Some people in this country really need to grow up. There are people all over the world, including here in the United States who would think nothing of beheading you. So get a grip, and call a spade a spade.


Bare With Me…

I’m still experimenting with my blog. I’m constantly changing the look and feel of it, and trying to figure out what I can and cannot do.

So if I haven’t gotten to follow your blog back or subscribe to you or whatever, it’s not because I’m not going to. It’s because I’m still trying to figure out my own blog. I might have to go on my desktop briefly to check some stuff out, I don’t know we’ll see.

I also do not have any pictures on the Kindle, so I need to grab some to use for a header.

If anyone has any tips for me, any dos and don’ts or wise advice, please let me know!!

PET Scans & MRIs…

Okay so if you’re a cancer patient like myself you get used to all kinds of different tests in different machines. You’d probably be amazed at all the different ways a hospital can look into your body.

There is a stark contrast between a PET Scan and an MRI. I’m not going to talk medical here. This is all solely based on my own experiences.

I have a PET Scan scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I’m totally calm about it because of how easy it is. They make you nice and comfy with pillows and blankets and although they have to snap you in, you feel like you’re in a warm cocoon. Last time I was allowed to choose music from Pandora to listen to. I was very calm and I may have dozed off a bit, I’m not sure. But Before I knew it the test was over.

MRI’s on the other hand give me nothing but anxiety. They are claustrophobic (even the Open ones are and anyone who says they’re not is full of shit). At the start, you’re given ear plugs (they don’t help). The sound inside the machine is the kind of sound that you think you could go deaf from, and even though it changes every now and then, the test is still like 40 – 60 minutes long. I loathe MRI’s.

Anyway, guess what?! I have an MRI coming up soon. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday the 31st at like 4:45 PM. Not only does my Mom have a PET Scan that day, but mine’s scheduled late in the afternoon- New Year’s Eve. So bite me, I’m rescheduling.

I’ll be back to let you know how it went!

Books, Books, And More Books…

Since I got the Kindle Fire for Christmas, which is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten, it’s helped me maintain and organize my book obsession not only on this device, but also on my Wish List on Amazon.com.

When I tell you I’m obsessed with books you may not realize just how much. Here are some numbers; The amount of books on my cloud that I can access on my home computer, cell phone, and now my Kindle is 129. The amount of books I can access on my Wish List which is a list of books on Amazon.com I’d like to eventually get is approx. 195. So yeah, books and reading is a big thing with me.

Exploring this Kindle these past couple of days has been really fun. It almost doubles as a tablet. In fact maybe that’s the point, I don’t know. I always wanted a hand held tech object that I could use to keep control of my reading, go on the internet for whatever I need, (I just purchased a tee shirt for my brother), and start another journal to practice writing. I’m so glad I got it, which of course I told my Mom.

One of the best parts about this object is that I can take it anywhere. It fits in my bag and isn’t heavy at all. I go to numerous doctor appointments where I often need to wait a long time to be seen. So this will definitely keep me occupied.

Another Day, Another Journal

Hello friends, fellow tweeters, and anyone else who decided I was worth at least half a look again.

I used to have an LJ (technically I still do, it’s still up) but I wanted to start out fresh for two reasons.
1) I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and now with a device that resembles an I-Pad I was excited to start writing again. 2) I’ve been through a lot since I last wrote in my LJ. I’m not too different, but some changes are there, enough to want a clean slate.

So here I am, off radio silence and ready to share with you my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and pretty much whatever is on my mind.

I can tell you this blog does not stick to one topic. I’ll be jumping around from my latest cancer updates, to my thoughts on the news and politics, to fangirliling over my favorite TV shows, movies, books, etc.

So if you’d like to take this adventure with me, I’d love to have you along for the ride. Please don’t be a stranger to the comments section either!

And away we go…